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Residential Support

The Independence Project offers a variety of residential options. We will also work with you to create a living arrangement specific to the needs of your loved one and your family. Every person is unique in the type of support they need and how much as well.

Alternative Family Model

In this model, the participant lives with a trained mentor. Sometimes it may be in a family setting. As well it can mirror a roommate situation. However, the arrangement is configured, the individual is in home with their staff.

"This service is not always available"

Roommate Matching and Support

In this model, we help individuals find a potential roommate match. We work with the families to find an appropriate affordable living arrangement. Sometimes staff lives in as well. Other set ups include a number of periodic hours based on individual need.


Vacation/Travel Support

The Independence Project will work with you and your family member to offer support if traveling is a desired goal. There will be an application process which includes a Supported Travel Assessment, which will include areas of self care, mobility, self control and following directions.

All Over The World

We have taken individuals on trips in the United States as well as abroad. One cannot even begin to measure the learning that takes place when traveling.

Individual or Group Trips

We will prepare a custom itinerary or individuals can apply to join an upcoming adventure.

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Home and Community Support

“ Everyone deserves assistance in finding meaningful employment. We expect people to work and contribute to society. That is equality. Upon that we build self-esteem and compassion. We begin to see a world outside of ourselves. We begin to grow.” - Christine.

In Home Support

We teach, practice skills and strategies with measurable outcomes.

Community Support

We encourage and help explore opportunities that give our participants meaning and joy in their lives.


Care/Case Management, Assessment, and Advocacy

We are here to provide help with holding service providers accountable as well as “Keeping the wheels on and being ready when they come off.”.


We provide informal and person-centered evaluations that guide in the development of outcomes desired by our participants and their families.


We also help in teaching self-advocacy by role-modeling, teaching, and supporting people when they advocate for themselves.


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Periodic Senior Support

"Helping Seniors stay independent is our passion" We offer more than care-giving.

Community Access

We can help with appointment support, friend/family visits, hosting social events, shopping, lunch out, senior classes and activities.

Household Support

We also can help with laundry, shopping, organizing, lite housework, safety checks, companionship, errands.