Home and Community Support

Home and Community Support

Hourly Service
$25 - $32/ Hour

In Home Support- ( In family home or individual’s home)

We teach and practice skills and strategies with measurable outcomes.
- Time management
- Routines
- Organizational skills
- Problem solving skills
- Contributing to the household
- Personal care
- Life skills ( cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.)

Community Support - (in home or community)

We encourage and help explore opportunities that give our participants meaning and joy in their lives.
-Creating Social Opportunities
- Developing and pursuing interests
- Attending community events
- Making friends
- Volunteering
- Exercise
- Mentoring others
-Attending classes
- Accessing the community as needed
- Personal shopping

Vocational Support

“ Everyone deserves assistance in finding meaningful employment. We expect people to work and contribute to society. That is equality. Upon that we build self-esteem and compassion. We begin to see a world outside of ourselves. We begin to grow.” Christine

- Job development
- Job leads
- Resumes and Interview Preparation
- Locating employment opportunities
- Job placement
- Employment follow along
- Video feedback sessions