My personal experience with the Independence Project staff has been life changing for my entire family. They intervened when one hour, every two weeks, therapy sessions, three to six day hospital visits, medication, and my well-meaning "trying to fix it" intentions failed. 

My daughter was in an isolated, alcoholic, dying state. They met her in her environment, in her condition, with no judgment or preconceived agenda or time line. Step by small step, they supported her, built a friendship, and guided her through the system - detox, a Mecklenburg Mental Health six week inpatient program, and various homeless agencies They were her trusted advocates.

With their support, my daughter joined AA, learned basic living skills, volunteered, learned the bus system, exercised and navigated through the Social Services system of paperwork. She found a job in which she was comfortable, and successful. She found a place to live. But, most importantly, she became more confident, her own advocate, and ...... peaceful. Three and a half years later, my daughter continues in her sobriety with the help of AA, volunteers with and is active in her church, has remained employed in a job she enjoys, and has formed many new, meaningful and supportive friendships.

I thank God for working through the Independence Project staff to help those who are, many times, desperate. I thank God for giving them the passion and gifts to help rebuild lives. I thank God for the day we learned about the Independence Project.     


  Our 22 year old son has been transformed from a struggling teen to a fully employed and confident young man. He has been able to reach new potentials of success and independence as a direct result of weekly coaching from you. It has been difficult to navigate his transition to adulthood with typical organizations that offered what they are funded to do, rather than what our son and our family truly needed. That is what this organization is truly about…helping where the help is most needed in a consistent, professional and positive way.