Children’s Services

Children’s Services

Hourly Support:

Building independence begins in early childhood as does instilling values that promote motivation, pride and confidence. Research clearly indicates that early intervention greatly increases a child’s level of success in reaching important developmental milestones.

We are interested in collaborating with you to target specific goals that your child is working on and give them an opportunity to practice those skills in the community. These may be in the areas of communication, emotional regulation, establishing and maintaining friendships, and self-help skills just to name a few.

Our agency was founded by teachers who understand that “telling” is very different than “teaching” therefore we only employ staff that are goal oriented. They are committed to supporting the development of meaningful outcomes specific to your child and family and integrating the skills practice into real-life situations. We can also address the skills your child is learning at school and can develop and implement a program for them to practice outside of school in any areas of their daily life where they may be experiencing difficulty. Our staff works in the home or community.

Here are examples of some of the individualized supports we have designed for children and families:

- Working in the home developing time management skills and organization relevant to the home environment
- Leading family meetings to assist in communication, provide education, and creating a safe setting in which feelings can be shared and problem-solving can occur
- One on one support in community activities, developing your child’s interests and confidence in a community-based setting
- Small group support working on existing friendships through social skills practice and helping your child develop new friendships based on similar interests
- Assisting in arranging and supporting volunteer opportunities to begin to learn the value of giving back as well as pre-vocational skills such as following directions, developing flexibility, working with others and exploring outside interests

Hourly and Overnight Respite

Advocating - on your child’s behalf regarding rights, educational programs, state- paid services and inclusion

Case Management – locating and linking to appropriate resources, overseeing care and assisting with navigating system barriers

Please feel free to give us a call and discuss how we may be able to enhance services that you are currently receiving or provide needed supports that are outcome-based and affordable. We work with children and adults on the spectrum as well as those with mental health needs or other developmental disabilities.